Research news

Research news

06 February 2023

Family-friendly science bazaar aims to inspire the next generation of young researchers

A giant Lego butterfly, real-life baby crocodiles, cutting-edge artificial intelligence and much more will feature at a Science Bazaar at Oxford Brookes University.

The Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar

20 January 2023

CIRIN represented at a Solent University symposium

CIRIN represented at the Effecting Change symposium at Solent University.

butterflies and larvae hanging upside down

18 January 2023

New free packs developed by early-years experts help parents support infants’ development

Hundreds of new resource packs developed by a team including researchers from Oxford Brookes University and the University of Oxford are being distributed to families with babies and toddlers. 

Dr Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez, (right) and Dr Alex Hendry, with some of the colourful books and resources from the packs.

17 January 2023

New research study launched by Oxford Brookes University to examine food wastage and ways to reduce

A new research survey led by Oxford Brookes University aims to find ways of tackling food waste in the hospitality industry.

Food at Oxford Brookes University

19 December 2022

Oxford Brookes researching disabled entrepreneurs and innovators

Oxford Brookes University is involved in a new Innovate UK funded research project into the barriers to innovation and enterprise faced by disabled people.

Oxford Brookes University campus

28 November 2022

Oxford Brookes University offers fully funded training and support for local business leaders

Oxford Brookes University is offering local business leaders the chance to access a fully funded course that will help them grow their companies.

SME leaders came together in November 2022 to celebrate completing Oxford Brookes Business Schools’ Help to Grow: Management programme.

25 November 2022

New mobile-based survey to study the impact of the pandemic and improve responses to future crises

New mobile-based survey launched to study the impact of the pandemic and improve responses to future crises


14 November 2022

Oxford Brookes Professor authors new BBC Radio 4 Analysis programme

An Oxford Brookes University Professor has authored a new BBC Radio 4 programme that will explore why society still assumes that women will be the main carers, both paid and unpaid, and what can be done for the roles to be changed.

Professor Tina Miller

07 November 2022

Gender-based violence surveyed in 46 European universities and research organisations

New research conducted by a Europe-wide consortium has found that since starting work or study at their institution, nearly two in three students and staff responding to the UniSAFE survey have experienced at least one form of gender-based violence.

UniSAFE ending gender-based violence

24 October 2022

Labels encouraging responsible drinking struggle to get the message through

People view labels on alcoholic drinks encouraging responsible consumption as a ploy by the industry to be seen as caring and are unlikely to lead to people drinking less.

Labels encouraging responsible drinking struggle to get the message through