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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study and development of software and hardware systems that perform intelligent tasks. 

Many approaches are used in AI to do this. Some 'hard code' the intelligence directly into the system using logic and rules. Others use learning-based approaches ('machine learning') in which the system is taught how to perform the task by being given examples often presented in the form of large data sets. 

In recent years, AI, and in particular, machine learning has been successfully deployed across a wide range of applications. The AI and Data network brings together researchers from across the university who are developing and applying new AI technologies in a number of different areas, including computing, robotics, business, healthcare, surgery, law, engineering, psychology, philosophy and bioinformatics. 

The AI and Data network also underpins the Institute for Ethical AI which seeks to develop ethical and trustworthy intelligent software solutions for business, organisations and society. 

The institute draws on a broad range of expertise from across the university, including technology, science, business, law and the social sciences to offer hands-on, practical advice and support to organisations seeking to maximise the benefits of AI and data analysis to organisations, their employees and customers, and to society as a whole.      


researchers in a group walking through Blenheim

01 March 2023

AI at Blenheim Palace

Oxford Brookes and Blenheim Palace collaborate to boost sustainability and operations with innovative tech and data analytics.


Professor Anne Laure Humbert

Professor Anne Laure Humbert

Reader, Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice

Professor Fabio Cuzzolin

Professor Fabio Cuzzolin

Professor of Artificial Intelligence, School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

 Chara Bakalis

Chara Bakalis

Principal Lecturer in Law, School of Law and Social Sciences

Dr Selin Nugent

Dr Selin Nugent

Assistant Director of Social Science Research, The Institute for Ethical AI

 Jintao  Long

Jintao Long

Natural language processing (NLP) AI developer, The Institute for Ethical AI

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