Research, Innovation and Enterprise Publication

We are continuously undertaking world leading research, producing innovative outputs, and sharing our knowledge with businesses, organisations, and the public. To highlight just some of the work we are doing we produce and annual publication that showcases our research, innovation, and knowledge exchange activities from across all four of our faculties.

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Research, Innovation and Enterprise Publications

In the post-COVID world of 2023, this publication provides a glimpse into academia's triumphs and challenges. Despite a brighter campus atmosphere, issues like the cost of living, geopolitical instability, and climate crises persist, underscoring the urgent need for impactful research and innovation.

Highlighted articles showcase a commitment to improving lives through research, such as aiding children with movement difficulties and fostering community well-being through projects like "Edible Streets." The publication also emphasises the role of research in public engagement activities like the Think Human Festival, encouraging collaboration on societal issues.

Industry collaboration is spotlighted through initiatives like the Joining Technology Research Centre, contributing to the mass production of efficient electric vehicles. The Enterprise Centre, established in partnership with OxLEP, provides a platform for start-ups and spinouts, benefitting students with internship and employment opportunities.

Profiles in the publication spotlight success stories, including a graduate setting up a start-up with institutional support, and doctoral students sharing their research and aspirations. The publication invites readers to explore a world of innovation, resilience, and collaboration, showcasing academia's transformative impact in shaping a brighter future.

Research Forum Publications (previous publication)

Shaping the Future 2022-2023

In this issue you can discover a variety of articles looking at the impact of our research, our latest innovation and the opportunities for enterprise including: 

  • How our collaborative partnership with Brazilian institutions is looking to improve the experiences of women in STEM in Brazilian academia.
  • How our AI expertise is benefiting Blenheim Palace in visitor management 
  • How Oxford Brookes Enterprise Centre is bringing people and knowledge together to support start-up companies

Winter 2017

  • Our lead story discusses a new project to develop insecticides which target pests better but are safer to the environment
  • We explore a research model that could help reduce mental health illness in the workplace
  • Shakespeare’s plays are helping unravel the present day issue of our increased digital selves
  • Trials to enhance workplace training using Augmented Reality (AR).

Spring 2017

  • Our lead story explores witchcraft and magical beliefs in 19th and early 20th century regional fiction
  • We learn more about a study on anorexia in the elderly
  • We discover the research making a difference to the testing of car emissions.

Autumn 2016

  • Our lead story explores Brookes’ research into the terrorist’s alter ego
  • Professor Linda King, Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and Global Partnerships, introduces the University’s new Research Excellence Awards
  • We learn more about a global project to further the study of vernacular architecture
  • With future changes to UK Armed Forces, we look at the unexplored demands on UK Reservists and their families.

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Spring 2016

  • Our lead story explores Brookes’ research into human evolution and the origins of disease
  • Professor Linda King, Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and Global Partnerships, outlines the University’s new international research outlook
  • We look at a quirky project investigating the benefits of dark chocolate on reducing multiple sclerosis symptoms
  • With the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics Two we focus on two research projects in taking place in Brazil.

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Autumn 2015

  • Our lead story looks at our research into schooling and aspirations of young people in an inner city high school in The Bronx, New York
  • We look closer to home at a digital storytelling project bringing local neighbourhoods in Oxford to life as well as some excellent analysis and insight into:
    • Our new BabyWordTracker app making it possible to track infant’s first words and so bring benefits to parents and researchers alike
    • Research from the Faculty of Business on the external examining system that’s impacting on Government higher education policy.

You can read a desktop version online, or download it to your phone or tablet.

Spring 2015

  • This edition starts with a welcome from the new interim Pro Vice Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange, Professor Linda King
  • Our lead story explores the Oxford Brookes research that’s helping tackle major challenges of the 21st century such as human trafficking
  • We take a look at our strong results in the recent Research Excellence Framework assessment (REF 2014) as well as some excellent analysis and insight into:
    • the 3D models of microscopic organisms changing understanding of the natural world
    • Tokyo’s Olympic preparations by Professor John Gold, Department of Social Sciences
    • where the garden cities idea came from and its impact on the UK housing crisis
    • how Dr Alexandra Wilson, Reader in Musicology, is rescuing opera from stereotypes.

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June 2014

  • This edition leads with an examination of the complexities of the current situation in Ukraine by Sarah Whitmore, Senior Lecturer in Politics
  • We also have some excellent analysis and insight into current areas of concern across all of society, such as:
    • the vital work Brookes is doing in the area of flood defences,
    • how we are contributing to a government report into hate crime, and press regulation laws following the Leveson Inquiry.
  • We explore artificial intelligence with Artie - our resident Robothespian
  • Finally, Alaistair Fitt, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Knowledge Transfer, explains his research into gambling.

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December 2013

  • This edition features a special article from some of our leading academics and researchers offering their analysis and insight into key research areas and issues affecting wider society, such as:
    • climate change
    • transport
    • compassionate care
    • an aging population.
  • We also catch up with all the latest news from around the University, including funding success focusing on research on young people with developmental disorders
  • Read about Robert Llewylen’s (aka Kryten from Red Dwarf) visit to our Department of Computing and Communication Technologies' new cognitive robotics laboratory
  • Find out about a current research project developing online learning for trainee health visitors
  • And now that we have made our final submission to the REF (Research Excellence Framework 2014), we turn our attention to proposals for Open Access with a helpful guide on what this means for you.

You can read a desktop version online, or download it to your phone or tablet.