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The Creative Industries, the UK's fastest growing economic sector ( includes areas as diverse as advertising, architecture, arts, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, publishing, R&D, software, toys and games, TV and radio, digital media and video games.

Our Network at Oxford Brookes brings together researchers, professionals, and local communities to share their expertise on this diverse sector. The network builds on the well established research history in various aspects of the Creative Industries, especially through the intersections of different disciplinary perspectives, including subjects such as psychology, built environment, geography, and business.

As a cross-disciplinary and collaborative Network, we explore critical issues and key themes around both local and global dimensions of the Creative Industries.


2nd International Creative Industries Festival

21 March 2022 - 1 April 2022

Following the success of our inaugural Creative Industries Festival in 2021, the Creative Industries Research and Innovation Network (CIRIN) at Oxford Brookes are returning with the 2nd International Creative Industries Festival on the theme of ‘Creative industries for a better society’. Starting on 21 March, we will be scheduling talks, workshops and performances looking at the role of the creative industries in improving people’s daily lives.

There will be a combination of online events to enable international audiences and speakers to take part, and face to face events to bring together industry figures, students, interested members of the public and our cutting edge researchers to imagine a better society with the creative industries at its centre and celebrate the role of universities as spaces of freedom of expression and creativity.

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Mapping Mentoring in the Creative Industries

Mentoring has become a crucial element of employment practice in the creative industries, nurturing new talent and ensuring that freelancers and businesses survive and thrive. This is especially the case since 2021, as creative enterprise begins to recover from the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. However mentoring provision can be patchy across the country, with pockets of excellence existing alongside regions where much more could be done.

This innovative research project brings together academic researchers from business studies and the humanities to work directly with national policymakers including Creative UK. Existing mentoring activity across the UK will be recorded, classified and mapped out to provide a clear visual representation of what is already being done across the country, as well as highlighting areas for further development.

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CINE/MOBILITY Online Film Festival

“Cine/Mobility” was created by Dalila Missero, post-doctoral researcher in Film Studies at Oxford Brookes University, and funded through Oxford Brookes Collaborative Research and Travel Award grant scheme. The project is organised and developed in collaboration with Analía Fraser. Recordings now available.

The online film festival Cine/Mobility: Latin-American Cinema Across Borders was convened from 5 October to 5 November 2021. This academic and curatorial project explored multiple paths of mobility and border crossing between Latin-America and the Atlantic, focusing on stories and experiences of migration, community-making, solidarity and resistance. The festival consisted of two strands: a program of virtual screenings, Q&As and a series of round tables with filmmakers, curators and programmers. 


Screenwriting Research Network Seminar Series

The Screenwriting Research Network convened the SRN2021 Research Seminar Series Online from 31 August to 17 September 2021.

This online event replaced the traditional annual conference of the SRN (originally scheduled to take place in Oxford) and is chaired by Dr Paolo Russo (Network Lead of the Creative Industries Research and Innovation Network).

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