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The Creative Industries, the UK's fastest growing economic sector includes areas as diverse as advertising, architecture, arts, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, publishing, R&D, software, toys and games, TV and radio, digital media and video games.

Our Network at Oxford Brookes brings together researchers, professionals, and local communities to share their expertise on this diverse sector. The network builds on the well established research history in various aspects of the Creative Industries, especially through the intersections of different disciplinary perspectives, including subjects such as psychology, built environment, geography, and business.

As a cross-disciplinary and collaborative Network, we explore critical issues and key themes around both local and global dimensions of the Creative Industries.

Research Themes

Innovative Creation and Engagement


Performance and creativity in all forms, digital and immersive experiences, and creative technologies

Cultural and Social Dynamics


Culture, language, communication, identity, diversity, intersectionality, power and trauma, inequality, social contribution, gender, and the politics of production

Creative Community and Collaboration


Authors and audiences, collaboration, community engagement, outreach, and co-creation

Leadership and Management in the Creative Industries


Management and leadership, entrepreneurship, industry-academia knowledge transfers, strategic planning and vision, and mentoring 


photo of mother and child in art gallery

29 November 2023

CIRIN Talk - Maternity Artists' discussion

Anna Ilsley's Underbelly: Contemporary Art Explores Motherhood – A Conversation with Simon Foxall and Helena Haimes. Recorded on November 29, 2023, at Benjamin Parsons x Hannah Payne Gallery, Oxford.

Members' activities

James Dunlop - Next Generation Medicines documentary

PhD candidate James Dunlop recently worked with the Brookes Research Degrees Team and fellow Mario Simo on a collaborative video, highlighting a Research Degree placement opportunity at Sensible Biotech, a laboratory specialising in developing new mRNA molecules for medicines.

The short documentary video features a tour of Sensible Biotechn who are using  techniques similar to Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, the work aims to make vaccines and therapeutics more cost-effective and scalable.

Brookes Creative

On 1st December 2023, Paolo Russo teamed up with Brookes Creative for a fabulous masterclass on “Showrunning in the US and the UK” by Hollywood giant Jeff Melvoin. Jeff is a renowned and celebrated producer and showrunner of era-defining TV series such as Killing Eve, Alias, Northern Exposure, Hill Street Blues and many more.

Cinematic Precarity Research Network

As part of the Cinematic Precarity Research Network, Francesco Sticchi is co-hosting a three-day online conference on "The Many Faces and Spaces of Precarity in the Moving Image" featuring keynote speakers Prof Guy Standing and Prof Saskia Sassen between 14th and 16th December 2023. Register for the conference

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