Advice for Bridges students

Brookes Bridges courses are designed to develop your ability to take on further study. This could include taking GCSEs, an Access Course or a Higher Education qualification like a degree. 

We offer courses with a wide range of partners. They are often delivered in community or college settings.

What next?

If you join a Brookes Bridges course you will be given advice and guidance about your next steps. Here is some guidance about next steps that Brookes Bridges students frequently take.

Case study

“I did two Brookes Bridges courses. The first one was an IT course at EMBS. This gave me confidence and I really enjoyed this course. The teacher was very helpful and really encouraged me. Then he got me in touch with Sobia. I was guided by Sobia all the way, I met her so many times. I am so grateful for all her support, she looked at what I needed to do next and suggested the IELTS course which I did. Then I did the Access course at Activate.”

Mature student at university

Having completed her Access to HE Diploma, Amanda is now studying on the BSc Computing at Oxford Brookes and works part-time at the University. A single mum to a teenage son, Amanda is also a guider for her faculty.

Examples of courses

IT course in your community level 2/3

The course aims to raise the levels of understanding about Higher Education study options and progression routes.

These classes are specifically for people who want to further enhance their IT, Microsoft Office and employability skills. They will also be for those who want to progress to full-time Higher Education like the Brookes Bridges Programme, which offers free short courses for adult learners.

Students on this course will be required to have already completed the Level 1 Microsoft Office Courses.

“This course really helped me a great deal. I gained IT knowledge and confidence within myself to apply for a course at the local college where I am doing an Access course.”


Personnel Development planning course

Goal and target setting

This course will cover

  • looking at your existing skills and experiences and investigating how these can be used to help you reach your life goals
  • using a journal and vision board to help visualise your goals
  • creating a positive life plan to help you manifest achievements that can be truly life changing.

Previous students who have completed this course have successfully returned to education, training, volunteering and employment and have found the skills they gained to be very valuable tools for setting new goals and staying on track for life.

“Taking part in this course really helped me to realise that I do have skills that can be used to help me move forward in a positive way. Being given the chance to actually spend time thinking about what I want and how to get there has been invaluable in helping me reach my goals.”


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