Community engagement

At Oxford Brookes University, we pride ourselves on the contribution we make to the local community. Our Community Engagement team works to develop positive relationships with the local community. In collaboration with colleagues across the University, such as Careers, Social Responsibility, and Brookes Union, we encourage students to make a positive contribution to our wider community.

To enable our students to get the most from their experience at Oxford Brookes, we offer co-curricular initiatives and volunteering opportunities within the local area. These activities enable students to become confident, ambitious and fully empowered to embrace challenges and reach their potential in their career and as citizens.

We encourage all of our students to be responsible by providing information on how to be good neighbours and integrate with other cultures, religion and lifestyles. As part of our commitment to be a good neighbour, we also have a complaints process for dealing with conflict that may arise between students and local permanent residents.

Meet the team

We are an experienced and passionate team. We work to improve our community engagement programmes working with:

  • our students
  • our Student Community Wardens
  • residents and the local community
  • councils
  • the Police and other agencies.
Community engagement team
Left to right: Jack Olchawski, Andrea Siret, Emma Trundley.

Oxford Brookes Community team