Border Criminology: The intersection of migration and criminal justice

This public, online lecture by Dr Alice Gerlach will explore the intersection of border control and criminal justice.

Border criminology is the examination of the intersection of border control and criminal justice. In this lecture, we will provide participants with an overview of the key issues related to globalisation, punishment and migration that are the focus of Border Criminologists. In this session we will introduce participants to the fundamental areas of investigation within this sub-field of criminology, notably citizenship, identity and belonging, placing them within the historical and evolving context of globalisation and migration.

This event is part of the Dialogue in Migration and Refugee Studies lecture and seminar series hosted by the Migration and Refugees Research Network at Oxford Brookes University. It has received funding from Jean Monnet Actions, run under Erasmus+ by the European Union.

The programme will continue running this semester with talks including History, Sociology, English Literature and a special session by an NGO practitioner.

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