Migration and Refugees Network Book Launch

The Oxford Brookes University Migration and Refugees network is hosting an event to launch three new books.

The Oxford Brookes University Migration and Refugees network is hosting an event to launch three new books by: Dr Zoe Jordan (Oxford Brookes), Dr Michał Palacz (Oxford Brookes), Dr Bastiaan Willems (Lancaster University), and Dr Alice Gerlach (Oxford Brookes).

The book launch will provide refreshment and short informal announcements about new upcoming research (By Dr Alex Powell, Prof Sonia Morano-Foadi and Dr Tamsin Barber).

Further information on the three books can be found below:

Jordan Z, (eds) From Education to Employment? Young people's trajectories in protracted crisis, Centre for Lebanese Studies (2022)

This collection is the product of a collaborative project to understand what shapes the trajectories from education into employment of young people living in protracted displacement in Jordan and Lebanon. The project aimed to understand how young people experience and make sense of the restrictions that accompany their different statuses as nationals and refugees, and the impact these have on their trajectories.

Bastiaan Willems and Michał Adam Palacz (eds) - A Transnational History of Forced Migrants in Europe: Unwilling Nomads in the Age of the Two World Wars (Bloomsbury 2022)

This edited volume explores the harrowing stories of mass displacement that took place in the first half of the 20th century from the perspective of forced migrants themselves. The book brings together 15 interrelated case studies which show how the deportation, evacuation and flight of millions of people as a result of the First World War intensified rather than alleviated ethnic conflicts which culminated in population transfers on an even larger scale during and immediately after the Second World War.

Dr Alice Gerlach (Criminology) - Dignity, Women and Immigration Detention (Routledge 2022)

This book explores the experience of immigration enforcement for women who have been detained in immigration detention in the UK. Drawing upon in-depth interviews with women who have been in immigration detention centres, Dignity, Women, and Immigration Detention demonstrates how immigration detention violates women’s sense of dignity and in doing so, causes women to suffer pains that are incongruent with the administrative purpose of immigration removal centres.

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