Creative Industries Festival: Still Breathing - Performance and Q&A by Unlock the Chains Collective

"That fear of mistaken identity, Wrong place/wrong time, Born in the wrong skin/colour, Evidently." A highly visual production, which fuses spoken word, music, song & dance with activism during 2020.

Image credit: David Fisher

Sponsored by the Centre of Research in the Arts (CoRA):

Euton Daley’s Unlock the Chains Collective

"That fear of mistaken identity
Wrong place/wrong time
Born in the wrong skin/colour

Set at a funeral, the production explores rituals, role of the Black Church and collective (community) grieving, and trauma as another life is taken by the hands of the police or white vigilantes. Recently premiered at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, this highly visual production fuses spoken word with music, song and dance and came about as a result of active engagement with various activism during 2020.

Still Breathing is also part of the Knowledge Exchange 'Finding Our Way' with The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) and Oxford Brookes. Audience members are invited to join the Q&A after the performance.

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