A Degree Of Failure - The way back up - the scenic route

Join us for this exciting event with John Otway, better known as Rock and Roll's greatest failure.

Image of John Otway

When One-Hit Wonder John Otway wrote an amusing self-effacing autobiography describing how he became the architect of his own downfall, his publishers decided to market the author as Rock and Roll’s Greatest Failure.

Otway discovered that he was remarkably good at being Rock and Roll’s greatest failure and that led to another hit, selling out the Royal Albert Hall and basically 100 gigs a year ever since. Otway explains that “life can throw you some pretty weird curve balls - but if you can embrace them with enthusiasm and good humour - you can sometimes achieve some pretty amazing things.”

Otway’s 2013 Movie (also called Rock and Roll’s Greatest Failure) was voted the second best movie of the year by the readers of the Guardian. Number one was Gravity which makes John’s movie the best one made on earth.

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