World Menopause Month - Henpicked: Menopause Male Allyship Masterclass

Exclusively for World Menopause Month, we’re holding a male staff-only, Menopause Masterclass.

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Please note this may open up to the public but at this time it is only for staff and students who are male or identify as male.

The Session Covers:
Why men are vital to the menopause conversation
The business case for Menopause allyship
Recognising peri-menopausal partners and colleagues
Key ways of supporting partners and colleagues
Tips for Empowering male colleagues in normalising menopause
How to approach menopause conversations


The menopause is being talked about more than ever, gradually decreasing the stigma and highlighting that support is often vital for those whose symptoms are challenging. But what is also important is that men are a
part of that conversation, as it indirectly impacts men as partners, colleagues, and friends. A little awareness goes a long way, and we will share why it’s more important than ever as part of being a good leader, teammate, and human to listen and make a difference for those directly impacted by menopause.

Delivered by Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace and Lee Chambers, an award-winning male ally and founder and wellbeing psychologist at Essentials, an inclusive wellbeing agency.


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