Digital Vision Board Workshop

Want to transform your dreams into tangible goals? Come and join us for a Digital Vision Board session at the Enterprise Centre.

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Mim Sirajudin from Brookes Enterprise Support will help you transform your dreams into tangible goals by enabling you to create a visionary board. Take the chance to fuel your enthusiasm, establish significant objectives, and explore the skill of bringing your best self to life.

This immersive experience blends creativity with purpose, empowering participants to craft a vision board that transcends traditional boundaries. Guided by visualisation and armed with digital tools like Canva and Pinterest, attendees will manifest their dreams with newfound clarity and precision. To fully engage, all they need is a laptop! It's not just a workshop; it's a chance to ignite passion, set meaningful goals, and discover the art of manifesting their best selves.

Refreshments will be available.

*Please note this event is for University staff and students only* 

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