Turn Your Hobbies into Profit: Unlocking Entrepreneurship

Embark on a transformative journey with Unai Ledesma Gorostizaga from Brookes Enterprise Support, as he unveils the secrets of turning your hobbies into prosperous ventures.

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Immerse yourself in DIY success stories with short video clips and testimonials from individuals who turned their hobbies into profitable businesses. Engage in the "Hobby to Business Blueprint" group activity to outline personalised business strategies.

Why You Shouldn't Miss It:
- Practical Learning: Learn the practical way of opening a business.
- Inspiration: Get the inspiration to make the first step in your entrepreneurial journey.
- Networking: Connect with other people that can help you in your business journey.
- Educational Enjoyment: Discover how your hobby can transcend into something remarkable!
- Inspirational Narratives: Hear captivating tales of individuals turning hobbies into lucrative ventures!
- Forge New Bonds: Connect with peers who share similar passions!

*Please note this event is for University staff and students only* 

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