Nosferatu: The Historical Context of a Vampire Movie

Join us for this History Work-In-Progress seminar with Professor Johannes Dillinger.

Image of movie still from the Nosferatu movie

The seminar investigates the origins and the structure of one of the earliest screen versions of 'Dracula': Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's 1922 movie 'Nosferatu', a classic of German horror cinema. The paper will address a number of questions.

Discussing the role of the mysterious Albin Grau, the designer behind the unique look of 'Nosferatu', who had connections to the magical underground of the Weimar Republic, this seminar will discuss if 'Nosferatu' should be regarded as a comment on this magical subculture.

Finally, we will put 'Nosferatu' into the wider context of historical vampire lore: Was the monstrous vampire of the 1922 film closer to the early modern vampire imagination than Stoker's count Dracula?

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