OxHRF: Building Communities: Design, Engagement, and Human Rights | Nabeel Hamdi Lecture

Architectural designer and community engagement specialist Olwethu Nkala Jack shares his experience of fostering positive change within communities in South Africa.

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Olwethu Nkala Jack is an architectural designer and community engagement specialist, join us for an enlightening talk on designing for spatial justice, and his decade-long journey in fostering positive change within communities in South Africa. With a keen focus on design, engagement, and project management, Olwethu will discuss the importance of spatial justice in community development, highlighting how thoughtful design can address the specific needs of marginalized communities and promote social equity.

Discover how his passion for community development has led to impactful collaborations with organizations like the Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC) and South African Slum Dwellers International (SDI) Alliance, as well as the founding of Ubuntu Growing Minds, a group dedicated to empowering communities through design and development initiatives. Gain valuable perspectives on the intersection of design and human rights, and learn about Olwethu's ongoing pursuit of change through his studies in Urban Planning.

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