OxHRF: Threads of Change: A Fashion Swap for Human Rights

Swap your old clothes for new perspectives at 'Threads of Change,' where we're tackling human rights issues in fashion.

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Co-hosted by the Oxford Human Rights Festival and Oxford University's Student Union, "Threads of Change" is a clothes swap event fostering awareness and action on the human rights implications of the fashion industry. Through exchanging pre-loved garments and engaging with the range of campaigning groups present, attendees will confront issues like garment workers' rights, labor exploitation and environmental degradation perpetuated by fast fashion. Alongside picking up some new-to-you pieces, you will have the opportunity to engage in discussions with representatives from Fashion Revolution, Fashion Act Now, Oxfam and Swap Don't Shop, empowering you to support ethical practices and advocate for change in the fashion supply chain. Join us in weaving a future where fashion stands for human rights!

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