A poetic response to a chaotic world; a workshop inspired by morality/justice/technology

Delve into rich conversations about morality, justice, and technology while dispelling myths about poetry. Explore the creative process of crafting your own poetic responses.

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This workshop aspires to offer a transformative experience for participants by fostering creative expression, critical thinking, community building, personal growth and creating a space for interdisciplinary connections.

Session 1
Introduction by Dr Eleni Elia 1.00pm-1.05pm
Core theme-short story from "Rise of the Moral Machine" by Prof Nigel Crook 1.05-1.15pm
Discussion/Reflection on story by Dr Eleni Elia 1.20-1.30pm
Breaking misconceptions and poetic examples by Tina Sederholm 1.30pm-1.50pm

Break 1.50pm-2.05pm

Session 2
Warmup exercises 2.05pm-2.20pm
Setting up-poem structure 2.20pm-2.25pm
Poem writing 2.25pm-2.40pm
Some poem performances 2.40pm-2.50pm
Reflection/feedback 2.50pm-3.00pm

The event is supported by: The Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre, Network of Migration and Refugees, Network of Creative Industries, Network of Artificial Intelligence and Data

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