Creative Industries Festival: Navigating Power and Change in the Digital Age

A Digital Humanities interactive taster session on technologically shaped and innovative changes to the arts and humanities in Higher Education, sponsored by the Centre of Research in the Arts.

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In this session, sponsored by the Centre of Research in the Arts, Professor Daniela Treveri Gennari, Professor Alex Goody, Dr Warren Buckland, Dr Selin Nugent and Dr Antonia Mackay will be offering a Digital Humanities taster session exploring the impact of technologically shaped and innovative changes to the Arts and Humanities in Higher Education.

This interactive session offers a unique opportunity to hear more about this disciplinary field, and the advances made by the project team in developing tools for those with an interest in the Arts so they might find a place for themselves in an increasingly digital world. The proposed event will include a 30 minute discussion that brings together diverse perspectives for a future in Digital Humanities, and will explore how digital media has transformed the creative industries. Topics to be covered will include methods for scraping film data, how to become a digital local historian and the role of the screen in healthcare provision; and aims to demonstrate the transferability of technological skills in the Arts and vice versa. Interactive elements will include a session on storytelling and gaming; data mining on Twitter and an audience Q&A.
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Headington Hill Hall , Headington

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