Future Thinkers campaign kicks off at Oxford Brookes University

Future Thinkers campaign kicks off at Oxford Brookes University

At Oxford Brookes, over 500 researchers are working together to make advances across a range of research areas, from healthy ageing and care, to Artificial Intelligence and the creative industries.

Over the coming weeks, their work will be celebrated as part of a new University campaign called ‘Future Thinkers’. The University will be showcasing the impact that their research is having all over the world, through a range of videos, stories, Q&A sessions and interviews. These can be accessed through the University’s social media channels and website, and audiences are being encouraged to engage with the campaign via the social media handle #FutureThinkers.

Research undertaken at Oxford Brookes has driven many positive changes to wider society, including advances that have changed law, policies, medical practice and quality of life, public debate and understanding at local, national and global levels.

Examples include research undertaken by Professor Tina Miller on parenting and caring responsibilities within families. Professor Miller’s work seeks to shine a light on how caring responsibilities still play out along gendered lines and what can be done to support more equality around family and caring responsibilities. Her findings have transformed public policy on a number of levels, and have changed public perceptions of gender equality, and how caring and paid work is organised.

Professor Linda King's pioneering research has fuelled important changes in the world of vaccine and drug development. The new technology that she developed with colleague Robert Possee led to a spin-out company which is a world-renowned centre of excellence, enabling leading biomedical companies and research institutions to advance their work.

Talking about the campaign, Professor Linda King, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Global Partnerships, said:

“Recent research at Oxford Brookes has had a direct impact on society and people’s lives, locally, nationally and amongst global communities. We are delighted and proud to be highlighting this through our Future Thinkers campaign. I encourage everyone to engage through the range of stimulating content on our social media channels and website, and through our events.”

There are seven research networks operating at Oxford Brookes. These networks bring together experts from across the University to collaborate on research which addresses some of the major global challenges facing society.

More information about research at Oxford Brookes.

This article was amended on 16 February 2022 to remove details of an online showcase lecture due to be held on 23 February, entitled 'What IS the power of research?' Unfortunately, this event coincides with a period of industrial action at the University. We are planning to hold the rescheduled event in May 2022; further details will be available in due course on this website.