Oxford Brookes University students are first apprentices in UK to qualify as Chartered Architects

Oxford Brookes University students are the first apprentices in the UK to qualify as Chartered Architects

A pair of Oxford Brookes University graduates have become the first two students in the country to qualify as Chartered Architects by completing a full apprenticeship programme that combines university learning and practical experience.

Matt Burroughs (pictured on the left) and Billy Taylor (right), both completed the coveted Architect Level 7 Degree Apprenticeship Standard qualification with Oxford Brookes in April 2022, after beginning in 2018. After having completed the apprenticeship, Matt and Billy are now qualified architects and have achieved the equivalent of a Masters degree.

Combining studying and working

On completing the apprenticeship, Billy said: “Completing the Oxford Brookes Level 7 Architects Apprenticeship course has been a fantastic experience and one that I would recommend to anyone who is looking to become an Architect.”

“Combining studying with working helps to overcome the knowledge gap that is so often seen between architectural education and architectural practice whilst providing an opportunity to learn from leading industry experts.”

Architecture apprentices at work

Matt commented: “I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of completing my masters and part 3 on the newly formed architects apprenticeship course at Oxford Brookes. Having studied part time at degree level, the course allowed me to work and learn simultaneously, which really suited me.

“The intensive courses throughout the year are the highlights, with opportunities to use new state of the art software and techniques, which hone representation skills. It also exposes you to a wide array of industry experts. The course is extremely well organised and allows freedom to research and explore ideas with ample amounts of time that perhaps part time study does not.”

Richard Prince, Director of Architecture at Mulalley said: “We are incredibly proud of the skill, dedication and hard work that Billy and Matthew demonstrated throughout their apprenticeship and congratulate them on their well-deserved success in qualifying as Architects. We look forward to continuing and developing our relationship with Oxford Brookes University by supporting other students to qualify via this excellent course.”

Oxford Brookes’ Architecture success

Degree apprenticeships provide a platform for collaborative research and knowledge exchange and enable the training of future architects at no cost to the students while maintaining full time employment. More information on the Architect Degree Apprenticeship with Oxford Brookes University.

Programme lead Karl Rosenvinge Kjelstrup-Johnson, Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University, said: "This marks the validation of the Apprenticeship route to qualification. Both Billy and Matt have grown in terms of relevant skills, knowledge, and behaviours required to lead within the constantly evolving industry. This has been a collaborative success of the academic team, the industry partners, and the apprentices. We look forward to the next wave of qualified architects passing through the Apprenticeships Programme at Oxford Brookes."

Oxford Brookes’ Architecture/ Built Environment course was recently ranked in the top 100 in the QS University Rankings by Subject in 2022. It was the eighth consecutive year in the top 100. The School of Architecture at Oxford Brookes is ranked one of the five best in the UK by The Architects’ Journal.

Join us: On Thursday 21 July, the Architect Apprenticeship programme at Oxford Brookes University is hosting a special one-day event at The Goldsmiths Centre, London to debate why it is important for academia and industry to collaborate. The event involves two sessions: Apprentices will be presenting their final projects of their Masters in Architecture (MArchD), followed by a panel discussion and networking opportunity in the evening. More information and how to register.

Images: Top image, credit to Mullaley. Middle image credited to Oxford Brookes University.