Oxford Brookes gives unused furniture a new life by donating to the community

Second-hand furniture from Oxford Brookes University in use at Oxfordshire Youth
Second-hand furniture from Oxford Brookes University in use at Oxfordshire Youth. Image credited to Oxfordshire Youth.

Oxford Brookes University is giving a second life to unused items of furniture by donating them to the local community.

Desks, chairs, settees, and storage units that are no longer being used at the university’s campuses are being given to charities and schools in Oxfordshire. 

Jerry Woods, Director of Estates & Campus Services at Oxford Brookes said: “Oxford Brookes has a very proud commitment to environmental sustainability, and in particular we avoid sending items to landfill wherever possible.

"We are pleased to be able to donate these items, which have become available as a result of our ongoing investment in new and high quality facilities for our students and staff. We are delighted to be able to give these items a new lease of life and support a range of local schools and community organisations." 

Donations from the university have gone to places such as Wheatley Park School, Cheney School, Oxfordshire Youth and Aspire Oxford.

Cheney School, which is a stone's throw away from Oxford Brookes’ Headington Campus, has recently received donations of approximately 100 teaching chairs, office desks and furniture.

Dylan Davies, Facilities Manager at Cheney School, said: “We are very grateful for the items of furniture that we have received from Oxford Brookes in what is a fantastic initiative to save them from landfill and to give them a second life. It also could not have come at a better time for us, while we are having to be very careful with a school budget.

“Having such wonderful furniture has not only improved the look of many teaching facilities, it has also meant that I could get some extra maintenance work completed with the money saved on replacement furniture.

“These items of furniture will be invaluable to the school and be used by hundreds of students and staff for years to come.”

There is more information on Oxford Brookes’ sustainability commitments on the university website.

Any local organisations who wish to find out more about this scheme can contact Peter Thompson, Head of Space Planning, at Oxford Brookes, by emailing pthompson@brookes.ac.uk