For students

  • Students who are submitting their Research and Analysis Project are required to have a Registered Mentor and will be asked to enter their mentor email details when they submit their RAP.

    Mentors for the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting must be one of the following.

    • Full ACCA Member  (we cannot accept Affiliate Members unless they meet one of the following)
    • The student's Tutor at an ACCA Learning Provider (we need to know which Learning Provider the mentor works for) 
    • The student's Line Manager or Senior Colleague  (we require a work email to be registered)

    Students often find mentors by asking their learning provider or fellow students for advice, and some mentors provide information on-line.

    This short video gives some advice on choosing a mentor

    Registered mentor scheme: information for BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting students

    Students who are submitting their RAP must have a Registered Mentor and you will be asked to enter your mentor email details when you submit your RAP. 

    Your mentor can be a senior colleague at work (eg your line manager), your tutor at college or university, or a qualified chartered certified accountant.

    If you have found a prospective mentor who does not fall into one of these categories, please e-mail their CV to

    Mentoring is service which is provided by a Registered Mentor, working as your personal contractor. Many Mentors may charge for providing this service. This charge can sometimes be up to £500 GBP. We recommend that you draw up a contract with your mentor, agreeing what support is provided, what you will pay and when.

    You do not have to meet your mentor face to face but may, if more convenient, use some form of Video link (such as Skype). You are required to make a PowerPoint presentation to your Mentor and so mentoring by telephone will not work.

    Oxford Brookes University do not endorse or recommend Mentors.  We do have the contact details of some mentors, please email for more details. 

    Please note, it is unacceptable for Mentors to require a student to choose a particular topic, or use a particular organisation, both topic and organisation are the student’s choice.

    It is unacceptable, and may lead to an academic integrity investigation, if your Mentor (or anyone else)

    • Provides you with a list of references to guide your research or to be submitted with the RAP.  The reference list must reflect your own, individual research and include all and only the sources you have included in your RAP
    • Provides a template for the spreadsheet or your presentation.  You must develop your own spreadsheet and presentation as this demonstrates you have developed the required skills
    • Writes the RAP project on your behalf, or provide you with a substantially completed template for editing
    • Encourages you to copy another student’s work.