How to find a Registered Mentor

  • Students who are submitting their RAP must have a Registered Mentor and you will be asked to enter your mentor email details when you submit your RAP.

    Your mentor can be a senior colleague at work (eg your line manager), your tutor at college or university, or a qualified chartered certified accountant

    There are lots of ways to find a mentor.  You can ask fellow students, your learning provider or you can search online.  Below are the contact details for Registered Mentors who have agreed to make their details available to students. Please use this list to:

    • Identify a mentor you would like to contact 
    • Check the mentor you intend to work with is Registered with Oxford Brookes University

    Some Registered Mentors have asked that their information is not made available publicly, so if you would like to know whether other mentors are available in your region, or you want to check that your mentor is Registered please email

    Oxford Brookes University do not endorse or recommend Mentors. 

    If you have identified a possible mentor and they have not completed the online training, please ask the mentor to contact

    Mentoring is service which is provided by a Registered Mentor, working as your personal contractor. Many Mentors may charge for providing this service. We recommend that you draw up a contract with your mentor, agreeing what support is provided, what you will pay and when.

    View the list of mentors (Google sheet) »

    If you cannot access this document please email