Mentors for recent graduates

Brookes Connections gives all Oxford Brookes recent graduates the opportunity to receive career mentoring from alumni in professional roles.

What can you gain from Brookes Connections?

Brookes Connections is a career mentoring service for recent graduates and students. A mentor gives you support, encouragement, advice, and shares their knowledge, insights and skills from the position of being further ahead in their career.

Our mentors are professionals who have forged successful careers and know what employers in their sector or industry are looking for. They can help you draft job-specific CVs and prepare for interviews, as well as introducing you to others working in their area. Some may also be able to offer shadowing and work experience opportunities. 

What does it entail?

You'll make initial contact with your mentor through the Brookes Connections platform. You can read the profiles of potential mentors and contact any that are most relevant to you. Once they have agreed to be your mentor, you can then mutually agree the form your contact will take (email, phone etc.). You'll also agree the time commitment with your mentor. As a guide, we recommend a total of 12-16 hours for a successful mentoring relationship.

Once you have signed-up, you'll be given a comprehensive guide. It includes step-by-step suggestions on how to conduct the mentoring relationship to ensure it is beneficial to both you and your mentor.

Successful mentoring is based on mutual respect. So engage with your mentor and show them your professionalism, enthusiasm and reliability. 

“Getting a mentor through Brookes Connections is an excellent way of developing your knowledge and understanding of potential careers open to you when you graduate. Having a mentor who can help advise and inspire you can help you set and reach your personal development goals and is the perfect way to find out exactly what to expect from the world of work.”

Iona Colvin, Senior Careers Consultant at Oxford Brookes

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