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    Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) provides academic and professional support services in relation to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Directorate works closely with colleagues in the academic Faculties and other Directorates.

    The Directorate is organised into eight operational units. The Director of ASA, John Kirk, is also the Academic Registrar. More detail concerning the operational services of ASA can be accessed below.

    • Led by Head of Academic Office: Hannah O'Toole
    • Management of the academic timetable and examination operations
    • Responsible for graduation service​s including the organisation of ceremonies and ticket sales
    • Co-ordination of the pooled teaching and meeting space and room bookings from staff and students

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    • Led by Head of Academic Policy & Quality Office: Liz Turner
    • Development and implementation of the University’s quality assurance policies and procedures, including the external examiner system and approval, monitoring and review of collaborative provision
    • Administration of the University’s senior academic and executive committees
    • Providing web support for the Directorate to ensure ASA publications are kept up to date and clearly communicated through a high quality web presence

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    • Led by Head of Admissions: Laura Kishore
    • Co-ordination of admissions activity across the University
    • Undertakes all admissions to undergraduate programmes
    • Processes admissions to other programmes
    • Gives advice on admissions policy and procedures, University entry requirements and the equivalence of qualifications

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    • Led by Head of Careers: Sue Holton
    • Aims to enhance students’ and graduates’ employment prospects
    • Responsible for a wide range of initiatives, ranging from supporting self-awareness and reflection from an early point in undergraduate programmes, through to workshops focusing on the development of leadership or specific skills and on to support of mentoring and volunteering experiences, as well as the standard range of personality testing, job search and selection procedure preparation and coaching

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    • Led by the Academic Registrar and Director of ASA: John Kirk
    • Maintenance of academic regulations and associated policies and procedures
    • Management of student appeals, complaints and disciplinary matters
    • Management of the Directorate of Academic and Student Affairs
    • University governance, including secretariat for meetings of the Board of Governors and Academic Board

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    • Led by Head of Student Central: Gavin Barber
    • Student Central Advice Team: the front-desk team who deal with the majority of enquiries via phone, telephone and email
    • Taught Programmes Team: rules, regulations and main examination committees for the UMP; the management of UMP data by the Student Records Team; Programme Support, also comprising Financial Aid and Federal Loans; and Student Disputes - appeals, complaints and conduct
    • Course and Student Administration Team: managing and maintaining all University course information, PIP support and development, managing non-UMP student information and information for students with 'registered' status
    • International Students Advice Team: support for international students on a range of issues including pastoral issues and immigration requirements; ensuring that the University is compliant with immigration legislation
    • Research Degrees Team: support for all matters related to the University's research degree programmes and students from enrolment to conferment of the degree; support for supervisors and staff associated with the programmes, training, policy, regulations, student data and statutory returns, Research Degree Sub-Committee including both HESS and S&T committees and support for the Graduate College

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    • Led by Head of Upgrade: Kevin Watson
    • Offers confidential one-to-one advice on Academic English, study skills, mathematics and statistics to students at all levels, empowering them to enhance their academic performance and confidence.
    • Works collaboratively with faculty staff in delivering study skills, mathematics and statistics to students in a way that is firmly embedded into the specific content and learning outcomes of modules.
    • Maintains web pages offering a portal to some of the best online study skills, mathematics and statistics resources for the use of students and staff in Higher Education.
    • Uses data from student use of Upgrade to inform future work with academic departments by focusing delivery to meet the specific needs of students, enhancing course materials where appropriate and, on occasion, contributing to curriculum design and development.

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    • Led by Head of Wellbeing: Chris Tuck
    • Aims to promote a culture of wellbeing within the University that enhances the emotional, physical and spiritual development of students and staff
    • Counselling, multifaith chaplaincy, disability and dyslexia/SpLD, mentoring and student welfare services which deliver professional responses to students and staff through individual and group work

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