• Strategic Change and Planning

    The Strategic Change and Planning (SCAP) team joined the ASA directorate in August 2019 and forms its newest division. It is managed by Maritza Miranda, Deputy Director of Academic and Student Administration - Strategic Change and Planning.

    SCAP's vision is to be "your partner in making Brookes its life-changing best – using its impartial evidence and planning skills to make a difference across the University".

    The division covers four key areas - Business Analytics and Performance, Planning & Market Insights, Statutory Returns and Strategic Change - working across four teams.

    Find out more on the division intranet pages.

  • Head of Strategic Change and Projects Governance Team: Andy Ball

    The Strategic Change and Projects Governance Team was formed in 2018 to provide oversight, control and support to the many change projects and initiatives across the University.

    It supports the Strategic Change Board in delivering their delegated responsibilities from the Vice Chancellor's Group:

    • to provide strategic oversight and leadership of major aspects of change across the University, and
    • to ensure that appropriate decisions are made regarding prioritisation, assurance, planning and strategic risk. The team works with faculties and directorates from the early stages of project initiation, through to benefits realisation and transition to a steady state.

    The team also undertakes process reviews and continuous improvement activity, in support of the University's priorities, as well as accredited project management training. You can find out more about the team and the projects underway by visiting our Projects Website.

    ART consists of two teams: Internal Student Reporting and Modelling Analysis and Resource Planning. These teams are led by Head of Internal Student Reporting, Ken Burch and Head of Modelling Analysis and Resource Planning, Michael Panagopulos.

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    Head of Strategic Planning and Market Intelligence Team: Salma Craig

    The Strategic Planning and Market Intelligence Team (SP&MI) works with internal and external data and insight resources to provide evidence to support strategic questions, in collaboration with colleagues across the University.

    In particular:

    • Faculty Planning Partners are the faculty business partner for planning-related activities and  programme and portfolio development processes.
    • The department is a focal point for market (external) intelligence, providing customer insight via Brookes-commissioned surveys, as well as competitor intelligence via external datasets and resources.
    • The department is intended to build its role in horizon scanning, and OFS policy analysis.

    Head of External Student Reporting: Martin Belshah

    There are a number of statutory obligations that the Office for Students requires the University to meet and publish, including data on all current students studying in the UK and overseas. The Statutory Returns Team manage the process of acquisition and delivery of statutory returns on behalf of the University.

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