New for 22!

New for 22!

If you’re looking to sign up to a new Direct Debit or annual gym membership in 2022, we’ll throw in a pair of free guest passes so you can bring a non-member along with you!

One of the barriers people experience when they decide to get into sport and fitness for the first time is not having someone to come along with them – we hope that this offer will help people get over this obstacle so that people feel confident to be more active, more often.

Guest passes provide access to any of our facilities - so even if you take out a membership specifically for the gym, a pass would still allow you to use the climbing wall at Headington or swimming pool at Harcourt Hill, for example.

Some restrictions will apply – those wishing to use our climbing facilities will need to complete the relevant climbing participation forms, and those wishing to take part in fitness classes will be subject to booking requirements.

Passes are issued when you make your first visit to collect your membership card or link your student card to your membership.

We hope this helps, and can’t wait to meet you!