Varsity 2022 - Meet Your Captains

Varsity 2022 - Meet Your Captains

This Saturday (26th March) sees Varsity finally return after an enforced hiatus as Oxford Brookes look to take the opportunity to extend their series lead and go for a 7th title.

Each year, and with your help, we select a pair of students to represent TEAMBrookes as our Varsity captains. These students exemplify the sporting spirit at Oxford Brookes University and will be looking to lead by example on the big day.

This year, we are delighted to present to you our captains, representing OBUVC and the OBU Panthers, Antoaneta Ivanova and Ben Hellett.

Antoaneta Ivanova and Ben Hellett

Learn more about our captains below.

Antoaneta Ivanova

Antoaneta Ivanova


Age: 21

Nickname: Tony

Course: Architecture

Favourite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Food: Lasagne

What are you most looking forward to about Varsity: I am looking forward to experiencing the atmosphere brought there by all the teams.

What do you know about your opponents: I am sure we have strong competition up against us, however, I am feeling very optimistic about our teams due to the the hard work that we all put into training.

What's the best thing about your team/club: The best part about our team is the people, who are hardworking on an off the court. From the hard trainings to the long study hours spent in the library, both the boys and the girls have made my university experience unique. Likewise, our coach has been always extremely dedicated to the team and has supported me and my teammates in every possible way.

What are your Varsity 2022predictions: It will be a win for Brookes!!!

Ben Hellett

Ben Hellett

American Football

Age: 20

Nickname: Gaffer

Course: Motorsport Engineering

Favourite Movie: Cars

Favourite Food: Cheat day Chinese take-out

What are you most looking forward to about Varsity: Watching and supporting the other Brookes teams, winning our matchup and ultimately bringing the crown back to Oxford.

What do you know about your opponents: They have had a tough season but they will be well drilled and disciplined team coming from the division above us. However, irrespective of this seasons results we are going to have to be on top of our game to win the match.

What's the best thing about your team/club: The Panthers have made my university experience the best it could be. Being president for these boys this year has been an honour, the commitment and accountability across the board has been immense and the reason behind the teams success. We are all mates off the field as well which is really important, I've made life-long friends that I wouldn't have met without joining this team.

What are your Varsity 2022 predictions: Brookes bringing the heat and getting that 7th win.