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      BrookesEDGE is a co-curricular scheme run by the University and Brookes Union to help students make the most of their time at University and to become ready for the job market.

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    Get the BrookesEDGE you want

    • Choose your activities from the EDGE app or,
    • Propose your own activity (eg paid work, voluntary work, caring responsibilities),
    • Choose which attributes to reflect upon,
    • Complete the reflections using a variety of written, recorded, web-based or other formats – it’s your choice,
    • Use one activity to reflect on more than one attribute and get the EDGE at your own pace.

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  • BrookesEDGE Attributes

    When you want to get the EDGE, you will use the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to show how you have developed each of the following skills or attributes: Creativity; Planning and Managing; Problem Solving; Communication; Working with Others; Ethical Behaviour.

    You will complete six STAR entries of at least 500 words each to show how you have progressed against these attributes. You can choose to focus on at least four attributes from six, so you can show how you have built your skills in specific areas. This will help you to create your EDGE Award to fit the careers you are intending to follow.

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