Online OBCAMS Session - Coaching Distressed Physicians

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How do coaches recognise and respond to mental health needs of clients? How do they decide whether to coach a client who declines a referral to therapy? In a 2022 study, critical incident interviews were conducted with experienced coaches who work with a population unlikely to seek therapy; physicians in distress. These findings offer insights on how coaches 1) PREPARE to recognize and respond effectively to distressed clients; 2) DECIDE when to work with a distressed client or refer them to therapy; and 3) ENGAGE effectively with a client in distress, without attempting to diagnose or treat any mental disorder. 

Pamela Nemecek has coached hundreds of medical students, residents, practicing physicians and healthcare executives over the past 10 years. Her current program, Communication and Wellness Support, provides private online coaching to help clients navigate interpersonal interactions, self-care, and professional resilience in medicine.  She is a Fellow at the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, and holds a credential in Healthcare Continuing Professional Development to design and deliver re-licensure activities for physicians. Her dissertation in Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership for an MBA at York St. John University was entitled “Coaching Distressed Physicians”. 

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