Programme content

The programme covers key areas of leadership and is delivered in 4 parts, each with 3 modules.

Each part has two facilitated online 2-hour sessions followed by a face-to-face practical and interactive case study workshop.

Part 1 - Strategies for Growth and Innovation

This focuses on what your business does and how you want it to develop in the future. We look at your business’s strengths and core capabilities, your opportunities, and your current and potential markets, and how innovation, digital adoption and new market penetration can be key drivers of productivity and growth.

Part 2 - Engaging with Customers

We focus on why you do what you do, how you connect with your customers and how you effectively convey your values and purpose in your brand. We look at building demand, segmenting your markets, and achieving a targeted and strategic approach to marketing.

Part 3 - Building a Sustainable and Agile Business

This part focuses on creating a suitable organisational structure to deliver your goals, and adopting good practice in the leadership and management of teams. We look at leading people through change and supporting the wellbeing of staff, as well as developing your people and introducing agile ways of working.

Part 4 - Operations and Financial Strategies

We focus on what happens in the business to create outputs, how you monitor progress and use information to inform decision-making. We look at a strategic approach to operations, financial management and options to finance growth, and how everything comes together in the implementation of your Growth Action Plan.