Meet our students

The Oxford Brookes Global MBA boasts a highly diverse student and alumni body.

Based in Oxford, UK, we welcome students from all regions of the world and from a wide range of sectors and job functions. Our students come from technical or engineering backgrounds; they’re experienced project managers, local government or healthcare professionals, doctors and accountants working in the energy, IT, education and charity sectors. And it’s this diversity which enhances your MBA journey and provides you with an experienced MBA network to work with and learn from.

Gender balance

We have an excellent gender balance on the programme: 45% of students are female and 55% are male. This is a much more even balance than the global average of 38% female for AMBA accredited MBA cohorts in 2018. 

Students in classroom
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Global reach

Students from all over the world join the programme; at any time there are students from around 65 different countries registered. Being UK-based, 59% of our students live in the UK when they start the programme, 16% in Africa and Middle East, 12% in Europe (excluding the UK), 8% in Asia Pacific, 3% in North America, and 2% in South and Central America.

It is further notable that about a third of the students do not currently live in the country of their nationality.

These interactive charts gives some more detailed information on various aspects of the MBA cohort diversity.

*Cohorts March 2018, September 2018, March 2019, September 2019, March 2020, September 2020.