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    Welcome to Catering Services, and a special welcome to all new students and staff. We hope you will enjoy our broad range of high quality, value-for-money food and hospitality facilities. Here at Brookes our catering is provided by Gather & Gather, to find out what food is on offer in your campus visit: Food at Brookes

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  • Promotion of healthy eating and ethical catering

    We provide a range of healthy options available at all campuses and identified on menus. Fairtrade, organic and local sourcing will be used where applicable. Meat will be sourced from farms with high levels of animal care and fish will be sourced from sustainable fisheries.

    We are committed to ensuring that our services meet the needs of the diverse and multicultural community at Oxford Brookes. Please have a look at our Halal Code of Practice 

    Catered Halls for students

    At our Wheatley Campus, we provide wholesome and healthy meals provided at the times and frequency as stated in the Halls booklet, during semester time. View more information on Wheatley Halls here.

    Catering for events

    We provide hospitality for internal events held by staff or students. For more information and to book visit:
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    If you are an external party and wish to hold a catered event here at Brookes, Please visit Oxford Brookes Venues for more details.