Digital Capabilities for Students

Helping you to make the best use of digital tools for study, work and life.

What is the Digital Capabilities for Students course?

This course will introduce you to new tools and best practice to help you to manage your time, maintain your wellbeing and get ahead in your field.

Can you spot phishing emails, fake news and deep fake videos? Do you know how to use your phone to monitor your screen time and have you tried apps to reduce online distractions? Do you know what others can find out about you online? Can you explain your digital skills to employers?

The course is organised into eight units. Follow the links below to explore them individually or go to the course homepage (opens in new tab).

The whole course will take a few hours to complete, but you don’t have to do it all at once and you can start it whenever you want. The course can be taken by any Brookes student.