Wheatley campus is home to the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (ECM) and boasts:

  • the latest computing equipment, 
  • computer-aided design facilities, 
  • mechanical engineering facilities, 
  • automotive and autosport engineering facilities, 
  • networking and telecommunications facilities, 
  • robotics facilities, 
  • a brand new 3D printer.

An investment of £1.6m has recently been put into the campus, enhancing the library and social learning spaces, adding a gym and student lounge - improving student and staff experience. 



Oxford Brookes University has 3 libraries - the Wheatley campus library has recently been refurbished as part of the £1.6m investment. Library facilities include:

  • self-service collect and return (1 or 2 week book loans),
  • networked pcs (or use your laptop), 
  • photocopiers, printing and scanning equipment,
  • student presentation room bookings,
  • enquiries and support.
Space to think

Space to think

Space to Think in the Simon Williams Building, Wheatley campus has new dedicated work spaces and social space for students. Resources include:

  • a large dynamic open-plan space,
  • computer and printer access,
  • a large plasma screen with data and audio projection,
  • free gym membership for staff and students.
Auto lab

Auto lab

The Auto lab is home to Jenson Button’s 2003 BAR Formula 1 car, J.J. Lehto's winning Formula 3 car, Kimi Raikkonen’s Formula Renault, an Indy car, an electric BMW Mini and a BMW 1 series. It includes:

  • a variety of engines,
  • four-post rig for chassis analysis,
  • dynamics fluids,
  • mechanical testing and stress.
Cyber security lab

Cyber security lab

We have dedicated security laboratories which provide students with ample opportunities to put theory into practice. These labs have the capabilities to:

  • audit an existing network,
  • IT system for security issues
  • analyse malware and design,
  • implement secure software.