Lost and Founded Season 3 is returning this September!

Lost and Founded Season 3, launching soon

Mark the 15th of September 2022 in your calendar, Lost and Founded is back!

After several months of planning and perfecting, we are pleased to announce that Season 3 of the Lost and Founded Podcast is back this September!

Launching on 15th September, episodes will be released fortnightly on our usual streaming platforms: Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcast.

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Lost and Founded is a platform or raw and relatable stories about successful entrepreneurs, cimmited startups, and personal experiences. Each episode showcase the founder's story and how they came to run a successful business, providing insight into their thinking and lessons learned.

In each episode, you will find out that there are no limits to being an entrepreneur. You will learn about all the in-betweens of every business success and failure which Founders face, as well as coming away feeling more entrepreneurial and inspired than before.

We are here to inspire, inform and influence.

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