Winners of the TDE Enterprise Awards Announced

TDE Enterprise Award Winners

Oxford Brookes Enterprise Support would like to offer our congratulations to the four exemplar students who recently won the enterprise awards, at the annual Technology, Design, and Enterprise (TDE) Engineering and Computing graduate project showcase.

The TDE TechShow 2022 saw final-year students showcase their projects to a panel of judges. After much consideration, there were 4 proposals that clearly stood out as compelling business, projects, or products. Each of the winners focussed on serious issues, and their explanations as to why their projects were necessary were well researched, clearly presented, concisely articulated, and demonstrated a viable enterprise initiative.  To find out more about their business and technology ideas, keep reading.

Jack Adams’ project proposal focused on the designing and testing of a 3D printed dynamic orthosis prototype to alleviate drop-foot conditions. Drop foot, a condition that can hinder normal walking patterns affects a relatively large proportion of the population. After discussions with a drop foot sufferer and orthotist, traditional methods have stagnated with little innovation. This project aims to design, prototype, and test a 3D printed novel orthosis to alleviate the condition and allow patients to regain full mobility.

Jack Waterman’s project proposal explored solar thermal propulsion. His project undertakes a feasibility assessment of the use of solar thermal propulsion (STP) utilised on a small spacecraft. A pre-determined mission to transfer servicing parts to five satellites in the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) is simulated, orbiting at 686km above sea level. In the proposed propulsion system, a solar receiver absorbs solar energy directed by a single solar concentrator mirror

Stephanie Ola proposed the development of a personal safety mobile application titled ‘RECLAIM’. Driven by two serious topics that are often shielded away from, Street Harassment and Sexual Assault, RECLAIM, an android mobile application, was developed to raise awareness of these societal issues whilst also aiding survivors healing journey and enhancing individuals' safety. Utilising journal, location tracking, and information page features, users can process complex thoughts and experiences in the hope to ‘Reclaim’ their power.

Ameer Fauzan Bin Jasmin’s project centered around identifying varieties of the same plant using leaf imaging. Identification and recognition of plants through automation has been a recent breakthrough in the computing world. His project focuses on Durian (Durio zibethinus), tropical fruit in Asia, to be able to identify and recognize different species of Durian through leaves. Using features such as colour and shape, along with the k-Nearest Neighbour classifier, this study has produced a 75.21% accuracy with 0.07standard deviation.

A big congratulations again to our winners and we look forward to seeing what is next in store for you.