Fairtrade Fortnight

Monday 22 February - 7 March 2021

Find out what’s on during Fairtrade Fortnight

Welcome to our Fairtrade Fortnight Fair! We’ve partnered with local businesses, students and our onsite catering team to bring you the best Fairtrade activities, education and offers. 

Fairtrade events

26 February 2021 3pm to 4pm - Fairtrade Foundation Guest

Nilufar Verjee, Director of Public Engagement at Fairtrade Foundation will be setting the scene on Fairtrade and the Climate Crisis and tips on engagement, then opening up to Q&A

26 February 2021 3.30pm to 5pm - Kingston University - The Challenge of Fairtrade: Climate Change and Social Justice

1 March 2021 12.30pm to 1.30pm - Co-op Fairtrade Chocolate Masterclass

3 March 2021 1pm to 3pm – Divine Chocolate – Meet Alice and Aygin – Live from Ghana

3 March 2021 3pm to 4.30 - Fairtrade Debate

Join our student debate society who will be challenging the discussion around, Fairtrade is a minor consideration when it comes to climate change. With special guest Chair Sophi Tranchell. Audience participation for Q&A

4 March 2021 4pm to 5pm - Co-op Fairtrade Baking Session

4 March 2021 6pm to 7.30pm - Hidden Voices in the Market

Hear from the people that bring Fairtrade products from the field to your table, and what a difference it makes when they do.

5 March 2021 12.30pm to 1.30pm - John Abbott, Middlesex University Programme Leader MA HRM and Development

Corporate Social Responsibility Lecture Veronica Heaven Director of The Heaven Company www.theheavencompany.com

Veronica Heaven will explore the term corporate social responsibility (CSR) that refers to practices and policies undertaken by corporations that are intended to have a positive influence on the world. The key idea behind CSR is for corporations to pursue other pro-social objectives, in addition to maximizing profits. Examples of common CSR objectives include minimizing environmental externalities, promoting volunteerism among company employees, and donating to charity.

Fairtrade activities

Brookes Union

Watch Daisy, the Union's President, cook our Fairtrade vegan and gluten free banana bread. Join their bake-off competition for a change to win a Co-Op Fairtrade hamper worth £50.

Food at Brookes

Go to the Food at Brookes Instagram and watch a banana man make a Fairtrade, vegan and gluten free banana bread. Join the wacky video competition for your chance to win a Fairtrade tote bag filled with Fairtrade goodies! 

Fairtrade offers

Chocolate Sampling!

Ever tried Fairtrade Chocolate? Head to your nearest OBU café in Headington, Harcourt, Wheatley or Marston to sample Seed & Bean or Divine chocolate while stocks last! 

St Michael's Fairtrade

St Michael's Fairtrade shop offer! 10% off Easter products online during Fairtrade Fortnight and a free bag of mini eggs for purchases of £20 and over.

Clipper tea bag

Get a Clipper tea bag with any purchase made in an OBU café in Headington, Harcourt, Wheatley or Marston while stocks last. 

Headington Fairtrade

10% off your total basket price on all Click and Collect orders with the code brookes10.

In addition, any purchases over £25 will receive a free small bar of Divine chocolate!

Terms and conditions - Only valid with a user account linked to a Brookes email address on Click & Collect purchases made between 24:00hrs on 22 Feb – 23:59 hrs on 7 March.

Food at Brookes Instagram Fairtrade coffee quiz competition

Food at Brookes Instagram Fairtrade coffee quiz competition, have a go, if you get it right you could be chosen at random to win a bag of Fairtrade filter coffee from Union master roasters.


Find out how Brookes Alumni start-up Visible clothing is championing Fairtrade cotton.

See the Fairtrade "Choose the world you want” campaign introduction.

See how climate change is affecting farming and crop production.

See how Fairtrade helps farmers become more climate change resistant. 

Listen to a cocoa farmer’s personal account of his struggles.

See how Fairtrade is tackling the climate crisis.