Publishing in Africa

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation/CODE Europe Special Collection on Publishing in Africa is a joint initiative between Oxford Brookes Library and the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies.

The Collection is based upon a donation of an extensive range of books, reports, booklets and other material by the aid organisation, CODE Europe. The expense of physically housing the Collection, cataloguing and other establishment costs was met by a generous donation from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Further funding was given by Macmillan and Heinemann Publishers.

The subject coverage of the Collection is somewhat broader than just publishing. All areas of the booktrade in Africa are covered, as well as libraries, information provision, literacy and education, where they relate to the industry. Examples of the output of the publishing industry in Africa are also included. Subsequent acquisitions include novels that were included in promotions such as Africa's 100 Best Books.

Notable groups of material in the Collection include press releases and other items from the records of the Zimbabwe International Book Fair (UK); a large number of titles from the Heinemann African Writers Series; a selection of books from African literacy projects; journals covering publishing in Africa and related fields.

Published items in the Collection can be found using LibrarySearch. See below for a list of journals in the collection and also for a list of recommended websites

Published material is housed in the Headington Library (Zone C, Level 2) and is relevant to publishers, researchers, students of publishing and all those with an interest in publishing in and for Africa.

Archival material is currently being catalogue on our Archive Catalogue.

The Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies and the University Library are looking to build the Collection by both acquisition and donation and would be pleased to hear from organisations or individuals who may be able to help this process.