Pre-arrival mentoring

Be mentored or be a mentor yourself. These types of mentoring involve Brookes students mentoring or ‘buddying’ students either before they come to Brookes or just as they arrive. This can make all the difference in the experience potential and new students have of Brookes.

What's in it for you?

If you’re mentored you get help and support in developing your confidence, fitting in, making friends and settling into university life.

If you’re a mentor you get to make a difference to someone thinking about coming to university or to a new student who’s just arrived. You get to feel good, see someone’s else’s point of view and have something great to add to your CV.

“I like to make the students feel as welcome as possible, it’s that initial week that really makes or breaks whether the new students like university or not.”

Brookes Engage

Brookes Engage is a programme of regular activities and events designed to support young people in local schools make a successful transition to university. The programme involves Brookes students as mentors.

Two people at a table having mentoring