Preparing for University: Living and Learning webinar

Tuesday 14 May - Tuesday 14 May

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It can be a big change going to university, but there's lots of little things you can do to get yourself ready. Join our teams as we share our top tips and the support that's available to students.

Becoming a student is often an exciting but busy time and while the end of your course may seem a long way off, time will fly. We will farmiliarize you with the practical preparations, and academic readiness and personal development to make this journey memorable. 

Our Webinars are hosted on Unibuddy, which is the ideal place to chat to current students and staff. They’re there to answer all your questions from course content, where to meet like-minded individuals, to where you can do your food shop. By signing up, you’ll also get exclusive access to all of our future webinars, so you won’t miss out!

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