Achara Khamaksorn

>Pre-sessional English followed by PhD Real Estate and Construction

“I think the library is very good allowing you to find textbooks and journals. I’m very happy with the training session I got from the library. I learnt more on how to use the EndNote referencing system from the library which is very useful with referencing.”

Why did you decide to study in the UK and Oxford Brookes?

Before I came to study here I had a position as a lecturer in university in Thailand. They gave me a three year scholarship to study a PhD somewhere in the world that had a good ranking.  I’m working in project and knowledge management, so I wanted to find a course that would combine both of these areas of knowledge together. So I emailed my Professor in Oxford Brookes and then he said he could offer me a PhD in that area. After that I improved my proposal and submitted it to my supervisor again. They gave me a conditional offer and I had to come here for 3 months to study pre-sessional English before starting my PhD study. Some of my friends finished their PhDs in Oxford Brookes as well, and they recommend for me to study here. I wanted to stay in Oxford as well because my background, I study Architecture and have been studying about the history of Architecture here.  

What do you like about the teaching style here at Oxford Brookes?

They gave me good advice on how to improve my proposal and how to identify what area I would like to research in Thailand. My professors give me time to read journals and to make literature reviews. They also try to give me questions that I have to find the answer to. If I have any questions on how to develop the framework on my research, they try to explain it to me really carefully. Sometimes they try to write it out or draw it. I have never used this style with my students, but I think this is a good methodology.

How did the staff here at Brookes support you when you were settling in?

If you have any questions you can just email the international centre, and then after one or two hours someone will try to reply to your email. I was stuck with a problem when I travelled to a European country last summer and lost my resident permit so I couldn’t return to the UK. I spoke with Catherine and she put me in contact with ISAT who sent me an email on how to report and apply for a new card. Then after that they sent a certification from the university.

Would you recommend your course to anyone?

Yes of course. I have good supervisors here who help me to develop my research, so I would recommend them to my friends in Thailand if they were to study Construction or Project Management in the UK. After I finish my study if possible I would like to join a research group with my supervisor and faculty as well.  

Do you have any tips for future international students?

I usually recommend to my Thai friends that if they would like to study, they should study pre-sessional English or a foundation first at the beginning. I think this is the transition time they need to learn how to stay here, learn the culture and find new accommodation before they start studying for their degrees.