Dr Charlie Simpson

B.S. Kinesiology (University of Texas at Austin), MapplSci Applied Exercise and Sport Science (University of Sydney), PGCert Academic Practice (University of Reading), PhD Biomedical Sciences-Human Physiology (University of Aberdeen)

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science

Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work


I am the course leader for the SENr accredited MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition. I teach across undergraduate and postgraduate modules in exercise physiology and nutrition.

Teaching and supervision

Modules taught

  • U76224 - Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology (undergraduate)
  • U76270 - Sport and Exercise Nutrition (undergraduate)
  • P16507 - Sport and Exercise Nutrition in Practice (postgraduate)
  • P16509 - Research Project (postgraduate).

I am actively involved in promoting our Study Abroad program and support both incoming students to study at Oxford Brookes as well as helping students from Oxford Brookes to spend part of their academic program overseas.


  • MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition projects.


My main interests are in sport and exercise nutrition/applied physiology with an interest in the importance of fluid and carbohydrate provision. I am especially interested in physiology and nutrition for the sport of rowing as well as the effects of diet and training on stroke technique. We use instrumented rowing ergometers and wearable technology to help explore the effects of training, diet and lifestyle on athletes and recreational exercisers to improve performance and health outcomes.   

Research group membership

  • Member of SEPARG - research group of the academic sport programmes
  • Human performance enhancement.



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Professional information

Memberships of professional bodies

  • British Dietetic Association
  • SENr (Academic Associate). 


I provide ongoing physiological and nutrition support to various schools and sports clubs across the UK, especially in the sport of rowing.

Areas of expertise

  • Rowing performance
  • Monitoring and development of endurance performance
  • Use of technology in sport and teaching. 

Further details

I have extensive experience as a rowing coach in the United States, Australia and United Kingdom. I am a former recipient of British Rowing's Coach of the Year award.