Christos Papachristopoulos



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Christos Papachristopoulos

Teaching and supervision


Modules taught

  • LAW4005: Public Law
  • LAW4009: Criminal Law
  • LAW5016: Criminal Law
  • LAW5017: European Union Law
  • LAW5022: Environmental Law
  • LAW6027: Criminal Law
  • Research Skills and Methods 


My research focus lies on European and international criminal law.
  • The Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights 
  • Jean Monnet Network on enforcement of EU law (EULEN)
  • European Criminal Law Academic Network (ECLAN)


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Professional information


  • To lose an oath, to win a paradise? Methodological pluralism through the lens of EU penal policy, July 2022, Presented at the ‘First Max Planck Conference for Young European Scholars’, Max Planck, Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law
  • Expectation vs Reality: Detention conditions across EU Member States, April 2021, Presented at 'Great Expectations –When Law Meets Reality', University of Edinburgh
  • Between Crusoe’s island and Hobbes’ Leviathan: Mapping the EU penal landscape under monocentric and polycentric modes of governance, February 2020, Presented at 'Shaping the Future of Europe', Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg
  • From extraditionto standstill: Fundamental Rights,the European Arrest Warrant, and the Path to Entropy, May 2019, Presented at 'DTU-REMS Enforcement Challenges in Multi-level Regulatory Systems: Mapping the Landscapes Colloquium', Université du Luxembourg

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Areas of expertise

  • European criminal law
  • Penology, detention, and inmate rights
  • European integration and multi-level governance