Dr David Meredith

MA DPhil, Fellow of the HEA

Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry / Biomedical Science

Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

David Meredith


I am the Subject co-ordinator for BSc Biological Sciences; I am also Knowledge Exchange Lead for the Faculty of Health & Life Sciences.

Areas of expertise

  • Membrane transporter protein structure and function (expression and transport assays), including characterising 'orphan' transporters. 
  • Design, synthesis and biological testing of novel peptidic prodrug molecules (in collaboration with Prof Pat Bailey, London South Bank University and Dr David Foley, University of Cardiff)

Teaching and supervision


Modules taught

I teach on a number of modules in the Biomedical and Biological Sciences area, from 1st year onwards, including Scientific Skills, Introduction to Biochemistry A & B, Biochemistry of Cell Function, Molecular Medicine and Evidence Based Medicine & Diagnostics.

I also supervise undergraduate project students.


I have supervised six students to PhD completion.


I lead the Membrane Transport Group research group. We investigate the structure-function relationship of membrane transport proteins, to try to elucidate how they bind and transport their substrates. In particular, we study (nutrient) transporters that are naturally present in the intestine with a view to designing small drug molecules that can be taken up through them. These transporters include the peptide transporter (PepT1), amino acid transporters (the PAT family), monocarboxylate transporters (MCTs) and organic anion transporters (OATPs).

The techniques involved range from expression of wild-type and mutated transporter proteins in model systems, cell culture, medicinal chemistry (with Prof Pat Bailey, London South Bank University & Dr David Foley, University of Cardiff) and protein crystallography and molecular modelling (with Dr Newstead and Prof Samson's groups, respectively, University of Oxford).



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Professional information

Memberships of professional bodies

  • Member of The Physiological Society and the European Intestinal Transport Group
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Department of Biological and Medical Sciences - Faculty of Health and Life Sciences