Frank Nigriello

Visiting Industrial Fellow

Oxford Brookes Business School

Frank Nigriello


Frank Nigriello has worked in ‘blue chip’ companies such as Barclays and IBM, as well as with a wide range of SMEs, in establishing strong reputations, clear value propositions and effective marketing programmes.

Frank began his career as a journalist, first in New York then in the UK. After several roles in marketing and communications, he was appointed to his current role as Unipart’s first Director of Corporate Affairs focusing his expertise on a company at the leading edge of values-based business transformation in Britain.

Frank is also Chairman of Oxfordshire Business First, the innovation business network for which he edited a book on Oxfordshire entrepreneurs. He is a member of the Oxford Strategic Partnership board and has been chairman of Oxfordshire’s Economic Partnership, as well as chair of the county’s Employment and Skills Board. He is a founder member of the Ideas Network 2030, and was a founder of Oxfordshire Digital First, the campaigning network. He is also a founding member of Oxfordshire Voice and a frequent guest lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. Through his work in China, Frank has been recognised as an expert foreign lecturer by the educational authorities in the Chaoyang district in Beijing.