Mr Govind Chandran

BA(Hons) and MA in Film Studies

Lecturer in Film and Digital Media

School of Arts

Govind Chandran


I am a Lecturer in Film and Digital Media at Oxford Brookes University.

A filmmaker myself, my interests cross a wide variety of genre's - having worked initially on comedies but moving into drama and science fiction over the years within my own work. I specialise in RED Camera operation and have owned and operated my own system for a number of years, in turn helping facilitate Oxford Brookes University's shift from HD Digital Filmmaking into industry standard digital workflows.

My own films have been screened across numerous film festivals and I specialise in the short film format and more recently have worked on web series and the development of TV pilots - including the show 'Superclaims' on Amazon Prime.

The show was also featured by Amazon PR & Communications department as a success story of the platform for Video Direct and was highlighted as a way to use streaming platforms for independent filmmakers.

On the written and research side, my interests also lie in world-building and shared narratives with a particular emphasis on the new trend in 'Shared Universes' - from the Marvel and DC Universes to the Star Wars franchise and new upcoming worlds such as Universal's 'Dark Universe'.

Teaching and supervision

Modules taught

  • Film Form & Technical Skills
  • Preproduction for Independent Filmmaking
  • The Art and Craft of the Cinematographer
  • Film Production Management and Practice (Double)
    A second year production based module, the curriculum enables students to develop the creative, practical and collaborative processes of film production. Based on a combination of seminars, tutorials and practical exercises the module offers students the opportunity to improve skills in the areas of production management, cinematography, sound, producing, directing and editing, and to acquire detailed knowledge of all the main stages of the filmmaking process, with particular emphasis on development, preproduction, planning, scheduling and production design.
  • Film Project (Double Module)
    Their final 'Graduation Project', students will submit an individual project to be developed, planned, researched, managed and produced independently with the supervision of the module leader and filmmaking supervisor. 
  • An alternative to the Film Dissertation, the Film Project module is the culmination of students three years of creative, practice based modules and ends with the annual Oxford Brookes Student Film Festival, featuring works from the module in a student-led event that has grown in popularity and quality year after year. 

I am currently supervising practical film projects, including students graduate projects (Film Project module). I teach across the practical modules on the Film Studies course from 1st Year through to 3rd Year and work to ensure students gain a solid progression of skills that culminate in their final graduate project - a ten minute short film.