Dr Hande Tunbak

Research Fellow

Department of Biological and Medical Sciences


I am a postdoctoral researcher within Professor Nicola Ragge's lab at Oxford Brookes and also a visiting postdoctoral researcher working with Professor Steve Wilson at UCL. I am working to identify and characterise genes causing rare eye abnormalities with a specific focus on identifying novel genetic interactions that contribute to the varying spectrum of developmental eye defects observed in patient cohorts. I use zebrafish modelling to study the development of visual systems using gene editing and transgenesis systems combined with computational approaches and high-resolution imaging techniques.

Before joining the team at Brookes, I completed my PhD research investigating the impact of social isolation on social behaviour in Zebrafish and its effects on neural circuitry pathways throughout various stages of development.

Areas of expertise

  • Developmental Biology and Neuroscience
  • Experience and training in using zebrafish as a research model system
  • Molecular biology techniques (e.g. expression analysis) 
  • High-resolution imaging techniques


My main research interests are in:

  • Identification of novel genetic interactions contributing to a spectrum of developmental eye abnormalities in humans
  • Translational research
  • Genome editing