Jeff Young

Senior Lecturer

School of Law and Social Sciences

Jeff Young


Jeff Young graduated from Oxford University, with a B.A. and M.A. in Jurisprudence; and from London School of Economics, University of London, with an LL.M. focused on labour law.  He practiced as a Solicitor specialising in family law before moving into higher education. He joined the Law School at Oxford Brookes University in 1991.


Jeff Young's research interests focus on Employment Law and Commercial Law. He has published case-study books in both of these area. He is concerned with issues surrounding equal opportunities in the workplace and the impact of modern employment patterns on job security. 

Another research focus has been the development and use of computer assisted learning materials in the teaching of Law Degree Programmes. He was involved from an early stage with the Law Courseware Consortium Team at Warwick University in the successful development of the IOLIS software package.