Dr John Jakeman


Head of Quality and Validations - Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work


I am the Head of Quality and Validations for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. I am responsible for a number of areas, including reviewing changes to modules and programmes, advising on programme development, and liaising with other faculties to ensure quality and regulatory processes are followed as consistently as possible. 

Teaching and supervision

Modules taught

My teaching roles have largely revolved around exercise physiology, strength and conditioning and the preparation of athletes for competition. I have supervised research students at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in topics including exercise physiology, the science of coaching, and recovery after exercise. I welcome enquiries from prospective postgraduate research students within the fields of exercise physiology, and athletic training. 


I welcome enquiries from prospective postgraduate research students with interests within the field of exercise physiology, for consideration for the Faculty of Health and Life Science's MA/MSc by Research and MPhil/PhD research degree programmes.

Completed supervision:

  • Rory Phibbs - Investigating sportsmen’s opinions of female coaches
  • Milly Laffey - Contemporary perceptions of femininity and masculinity in sport, and their effects of female athlete's actions and behaviours
  • Molly Lloyd Jones - A comparison of different work: rest ratios in a high intensity interval training programme; the effect on performance and health parameters
  • Liam McWhirter - The effect of aerobic base training on heart-rate variability and performance in elite youth football players
  • Charlotte Parrington Tyler - Physical education, teachers and training: Understanding the voice of teachers and their training needs
  • Christopher Cutter - A Delphi study to gain consensus on the definition, domains and elements of physical literacy
  • Kieran Hanspal - The effect of short high intensity intermittent training on pain tolerance and self-paced cycling performance
  • Sam Richardson - A study on the effects of music on performance outcomes of Judo competitors 
  • Benjamin Franks - Turning up the (variable) noise: the quiet eye, functional variability and advancements in perceptual cognitive expertise. A perceptual approach to expertise in elite football goalkeepers
  • Anerida Coetzee - The Relationship between Training Load and stress and recovery with performance, injury rate and training adherence in well-trained female collegiate UK rowers
  • Nick Kalakoutis - The effects of opposed and unoppsed practice environments on skill acquisition and transfer, with specific reference to non-dominant foot kicking. Examining changes in kicking kinematics, and outcome


Recent research topics I have been involved with are:

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): My research in this area considers the ways HIIT can influence adaptations to exercise, and the benefits this can have on performance. Research shows that HIIT is an effective training modality, but there are a number of questions around how some of the adaptations to HIIT occurs, and the optimal training modality for different individuals or sports.
  • Exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) and recovery: EIMD is a common consequence of exercise, and is most recognised by the feelings of soreness which follow hard or unusual exercise. My research in this area, has focused on ways to reduce the symptoms of EIMD, and promote recovery in those needing to exercise regularly
  • The impact of colour blindness in sport: While not widely known, 1 in 12 males, and 1 in 200 females will have some kind of colour vision deficiency. Commonly known as 'Colour blindness', those with a colour vision deficiency can have problems in education, employment, or day to day tasks as a result. Our research in this area is looking at colour blindness in sport, and considers ways to both increase the awareness of the condition, and stimulate change to improve provision for those affected




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Professional information

Memberships of professional bodies

  • BASES accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist
  • UKSCA accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Associate of the HEA


I am available for consultancy on performance physiology, strength and conditioning training programmes, and educational programme development